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Pre trip inspection.

DSC_0832Spring is here and you may be wanting to use your RV. RV does not have to stand for Ruined Vacation if you go prepared by having your RV inspected by American RV. We have an extensive check list that covers the proper operation of all your rv appliances, plumbing system, electrical system, exterior inspection, check your tires and wheel bearings for wear. We also check your awning and all roof vent for any damage. A safety inspection of your brakes and all important lighting is also included. Don’t wait, schedule your appointment today.

American RV handles all your service needs, appliances such as refrigerators, furnaces, water heaters, inverters/converters, generators, air conditioners, satellite systems, solar systems, awnings and leveling jack systems. We also offer battery hydration systems for easy maintenance of your expensive battery bank. American RV can handle your collision repair as well as structural repairs such as a tree falls on the roof. American RV can handle all your roof repair or replacement needs, from a simple clean and spot seal to UV treatments and complete roof replacement.

American RV can also handle any accessory installation you may need. Satellite system installation, Solar systems for off the grid camping. See our showroom for any accessories you may need, if we don’t have it we can get it within a day or two. Awnings, Slide out toppers, roof vent covers as well as high velocity roof vent installation.

We also offer customizing of your RV, if you want a pop up flat screen hidden behind your new fire place, we can make that happen. American RV can handle your insurance claims, anything from a tire blow out, collision repair, to tree damage.

Our shop is well stocked with the proper tools to service your RV. We have a 27 thousand pound extended length vehicle lift for faster service times.